The Kremlin-controlled parliament of the occupied Crimea supported the Russian draft law on pension reform and adopted a draft resolution on increasing the retirement age, according to the report of the press service of the "parliament" of the annexed peninsula.

“Today, special opportunities have opened up to increase the retirement age: given that labor market personnel are starting is lacking, the further staying of the older generation will not cause tension. Such employees will not compete with youth, as young people work mainly in rapidly developing sectors - services, digital economy, the older generation - in industry, agriculture, education, healthcare,” the press service cited the speaker of the so-called parliament Vladimir Konstantinov.

He said that if "the pension system is not balanced", it will be necessary to raise taxes or insurance premiums to the Pension Fund.

Earlier, hundreds of people in Krasnoyarsk (Russia) went to a rally against the pension reform. Activists demanded the authorities to create new jobs before raising their retirement age.

Russian lawyer Mark Feygin published a statement of the Standing Committee of the Forum of Free Russia, which says that it is cynical to raise the retirement age right after the election of the Russian president.

PHOTO: elentur