The invaders in the Crimea violate articles of the UNESCO convention with their actions in respect of the Khan Palace, activist Edem Dudakov wrote on his Facebook page.

“The only Crimean object - the Khan Palace, included in the UNESCO 2012 presentation project - is being turned into a stylized prop. The "documentary nature of the monument" is being destroyed as well as the history, the technology of ancient builders. Thus, the Palace Complex in Bakhchysarai is being deliberately removed from the UNESCO project. And yet, at least tiles can be saved. This is very important," he wrote.

According to him, the invaders use modern material that does not correspond to the era, which contradicts Article 12 of the UNESCO Venice Charter.

“The Venice Charter: Article 12. Replacements of missing parts must integrate harmoniously with the whole, but at the same time must be distinguishable from the original so that restoration does not falsify the artistic or historic evidence," Edem Dudakov quoted the document.

Archaic beams from solid wood were destroyed and replaced by composite beams using USB technology.

The project provides for replacement of handmade artisanal tiles with a factory stylized fake from Spain.

Concrete on the monument of the 16th century is inadmissible. Concrete causes erosion of limestone walls, increases the load on the foundation.

 Due to the incompetence of the "builders", the murals on the walls are destroyed

Earlier it was reported that the collection of signatures in support of the monument to the cultural heritage of the Crimean Tatar people, the Khan Palace in Bakhchysarai, was started on the Avaaz website.

The initiator of the petition was the secretary of the World Congress of the Crimean Tatars, the board member of the Crimean Tatar Association of Culture and Mutual Aid in Turkey Namık Kemal Bayar.