December 18, court hearings began in the occupied Crimea against Crimean Tatars, who on October 14 held single pickets throughout the annexed peninsula, protesting against the persecution of Muslims by invaders, QHA's source reports.

11:45 In the so-called Kirovsky district court, a meeting began with a delay of 2 hours on the case against the Crimean Tatar activist E.M. Ablyazizov, who went to a solitary picket on the highway "Kirovskoye Zhuravki" with a poster "Crimean Tatars Are Not Terrorists or Extremists". The activist said that he does not consider himself guilty. The lawyer of Ablyazizov filed a petition to allow the defendant to familiarize with the case materials. "Judge" R.V. Mikhailov granted this petition and announced a break for 30 minutes. According to the lawyer, the case materials contains 140 pages.

11:11 The Sovetskydistrict "court" ruled on the case of activist Servers Seitibramov and fined him 10 thousand rubles.

11:10. The so-called Zheleznodorozhny District Court fined Ali Muratov 10 thousand rubles for the fact that he went to solitary pickets in Simferopol with a poster "Freedom of the falsely accused Muslims of Crimea." Muratov himself stated that he does not plead guilty.

11:05. The Kremlin-controlled Kiev district court passed a verdict on the Crimean Tatar activist Tair Umerov. He was fined 10 thousand rubles.

11:03. In Feodosia "court session" was postponed until December 20.

10:45. The "court" made the first decision in the case on single pickets. Aider Abibulayev was fined 10 thousand rubles.

10:25. Lawyer Ametov filed a petition to make photo and video record, as well as to keep minutes of the court meeting. The judge rejected the petition.

The Crimean Tatar activist Umerov said that on October 14 he was standing with a poster on the side of the road near the "Shans" store in the village of Vladislavovka, since he had heard a lot about the tortures of the Crimean Tatars and wanted to oppose repression.

Investigative examination showed the lack of identity of the paint and paper with the posters of other participants.

10:05. The meeting of the so-called Simferopol district court on the administrative case against Akhtem Aliyev began without his defense.

About 50 people gathered outside the "court" to support those who are judged today for participating in single pickets.

"Court proceedings" are conducted in closed sessions.

“Zheleznodorozhny district “court” of Simferopol does not allow any audience to the court hearing on the cases against Muratov and Azimov, who are tried today, as well as other Crimeans, for participation in single pickets, held on October 14 in support of persecuted Crimeans,” QHA source informed.

The so-called Simferopol District Court is considering the case against Eldar Kantemirov's. Judge Lyubov Rodkina forbade the listeners to the meeting under the pretext of lack of seats.

In the case against Rustem Emir-Useinov, the "court" postponed the meeting after his defense filed a petition for familiarization with the case materials.

“According to the defender, the case is about 200 pages, including the examination of the poster, which Emir-Useinov was holding during the picket. The lawyer has a lot of questions to this expert’s examination, in particular, what an expert meant by the phrase "The poster is compiled by a citizen of brown color ". The judge agreed that the case requires a longer familiarization, and suspended the meeting until December 26,” the source reported.

December 18, the so-called "Judgment Day" is expected in Crimea. This day seventy trials are scheduled to be held against Crimean Tatars who went on single pickets throughout the peninsula, protesting against the persecution of Muslims in the Crimea.

Reference: October 14 a minimum of 34 people was arrested for participation in single pickets in the Crimea. In total, more than 100 people took part in the protest actions in the occupied peninsula. People went for single pickets in Simferopol, Dzhankoy, Gvardeysk, Belogorsk and other cities of the occupied peninsula.

All detentions were held in violation of the Russian legislation in force on the annexed peninsula.

Later, people massively received protocols, accusing them of violating the rules of holding public events. Single pickets in protocols are called unauthorized mass action.

A Crimean Tatar from Belogorsk has recorded a video message in which he said that he was summoned to the police station due to participation in a single picket in the occupied peninsula.

In particular, the police came to him and the acting district police officer handed the protocol of the order on violation of the RF law on holding a rally.