Yevgeniy Titov, a journalist with Radio Freedom, reported being followed and narrowly escaping an attack.

According to Radio Freedom, Yevgeniy was on his way home when he saw a man standing outside of his house at about midnight on October 6.

“The man had a mean look in his eyes and looked like an ex-con. He was young and bold. I went down the road and saw in my peripheral vision that the man followed me along the sidewalk,” said Titov.

The man started to follow the journalist but Titov suddenly changed direction and walked toward the nearby building. After seeing the man a few meters away from him, Titov hurried into a well-lit street where a car with a driver inside was standing. The fact that the car was there thwarted the stranger’s plans and he left in a few seconds.

Prior to the incident, Titov and a camera crew of the STV, a Swedish broadcaster, visited the Kerch bridge construction site. Titov speculated that his visit to the site might have caused him to be followed. On their way there, the journalists ‘car was overtaken and pulled over by traffic police, after which an unidentified car followed them for several hours.