Near the Paris arena "Zenith", about 50 demonstrators dressed in a black attacked the law enforcers with smoke bombs. Those, in turn, used tear gas, according to the Le Parisien reports.

Prior to the clash with the police, the demonstrators protested against holding of rally of the pro-Kremlin candidate for the presidency of France, Marine Le Pen, and chanted: "Our districts are not for the fascists"; "Solidarity with refugees"; "Fascism is gangrene, either you remove it or die."

Allegedly, trade unions of local enterprises and representatives of left radical organizations participated in the action.
At the same time, a peaceful rally against Le Pen in the French city of Bordeaux gathered more than a thousand people.

Earlier, March 2, the European Parliament deputies voted at the plenary session to deprive the leader of the French ultra-right forces Marine Le Pen of her immunity.

Reportedly, the vote was initiated to conduct further investigations in relation to Le Pen over her "publication of brutal grievances" on her Twitter page - in December 2015 she posted three photos of the execution scenes by the ISIS terrorists, including a photo of the decapitation of American journalist James Foley.

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