Russian opposition politician Aleksei Navalny who initiated an anti-corruption rally which was planned to be held in Moscow and in a number of other Russian cities today, June 12, was detained before the start of the rally.

His wife Julia reported on the detention on Twitter and published a photo from the scene.

“Hi. This is Julia Navalnaya. Happy holidays to all. Aleksei was detained at the entrance of the house. He asked me to convey that the plans do not change: Tverskaya Street.”

It is also known that the police in Moscow conduct selective detention on Tverskaya Street. Several people, who went to the action with placards, have already been detained.

Security measures have been strengthened in the capital of the Russian Federation: Dozens of paddy wagons and law enforcement vehicles are parked at the curbs.

Press Secretary of Navalny Kira Yarmysh reported on Twitter that the office of the Anti-Corruption Fund was cut off the electricity.

Reportedly, on a similar action in St. Petersburg, riot policemen detained more than a hundred people.

The first detentions are also reported from the regions of the Russian Federation.

Earlier, Aleksei Navalny refused to conduct an anti-corruption action on Sakharov Avenue along the route agreed with the Russian authorities, which resulted in the barricades on the streets of Moscow.