The Russian oppositionist Aleksei Navalny refused to hold an anti-corruption rally on Sakharov Avenue along a route coordinated with the Russian authorities. As a result, barricades appeared on the streets of Moscow. First detention reported from the regions, according to UNIAN.

In his blog Navalny wrote:

"We cancel the rally in Sakharov Ave and relocate our very peaceful event ... The law is on our side, and the Constitutional Court is on our side."

The Mayor's Office and the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation capital designated such a step as a provocation and stated that law enforcement agencies "will be compelled to take all necessary measures to stop provocations and mass riots."

Initially, the action was to be held on Sakharov Avenue, but later relocated to Tverskaya Street. The Moscow authorities consider the rally on Tverskaya unauthorized. Soon barricades appeared there.

Furthermore, news of the first detentions of the protesters appear in the regions of Russia. In particular, the arrests take place in Vladivostok and Blagoveshchensk.

Earlier, on June 12 in Moscow, Navalny and his supporters announced a rally against corruption. The total number of possible participants of the action was estimated by organizers in 15 thousand people. Also on June 12 the Day of Russia is celebrated in RF. Supporters of Aleksei Navalny are going to go out to anti-corruption rallies in 210 Russian cities.

Earlier, QHA reported that on May 6, a rally under the slogan "Enough of Putin" was held in Moscow.

PHOTO: Twitter