Nov 26, a rally of solidarity with the defendants in the case of the "Crimean terrorists" Oleg Sentsov, Gennady Kolchenko and Alexander Afanasyev was held at St. Sophia Square in the city of Kyiv. Since the rally was dedicated to the birthday of Alexander Kolchenko who turned 26, his friends and countrymen came to congratulate Sasha and to support all Crimean Tatar political prisoners.

Public activists have called for the immediate release of the Crimean hostages.

- Recently, the Russian Supreme Court upheld a strict sentence for Oleg Sentsov and Alexander Kolchenko. We came here to express our indignation at Russian security forces and judges. We demand to release political prisoners as soon as possible, said one of the protesters Maxim Boutkevitch, a representative of the "Solidarity Committee" and a rally co-organizer.

Congratulating Alexander, a Crimean human rights activist Olga Skripnik said the trial of the "Crimean terrorists" is completed and all that is left is to keep hoping the Ukrainian leadership in the talks with Russia will be able to secure the return of political prisoners to their homeland.

-The walls separate us, but I believe they will collapse soon. I hope soon we will meet you all in Simferopol and all together return to our Ukrainian Crimea, said Olga Skripnik.

In an interview with the QHA (Crimean News Agency), an activist with the "Solidarity Committee" Olga Anoshkina stressed that the state does not make any specific steps to release the prisoners.

- It is clear the trial is held in Russia and Ukraine objectively lacks sufficient leverage, but still there are things we can do, in particular, to conduct an investigation in Ukraine. I know that currently such investigations are not carried out properly in Ukraine, said Anoshkina.

The activist stressed that political prisoners need moral support and called on everyone to write guys the letters.

During the event, the activists showed videos gathered in the framework of the information campaign "Support Tundra!" supporting the Crimean political prisoner Alexander Kolchenko. One of Alexander’s relatives congratulated Oleg Sentsov and Gennady Afanasyev, as well as Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko.