On Sunday, December 18, in the Russian city of St. Petersburg a picket was held in support of lawyer Nikolai Polozov who opposes the illegal actions of the Russian Federal Security Service in Crimea, according to the lawyer’s Facebook page.

“Today in St. Petersburg a picket was held against the illegal actions of the FSB investigator in my support .”

It was also reported that during the event, the unknown attacked some demonstrators who opposed the repression in the occupied Crimea, Dinar Idrisov informed in social networks.

“Attack on single protesters against repression in Crimea occurred in St. Petersburg. One is injured. The police remained inactive # Strategy-18

The activists hold a perpetual campaign "Strategy-18" in support of the Crimean Tatars. The name of the action is due to the fact that activists come to the streets on the 18th of each month.


Previously, the Crimean "Prosecutor" Dombrovski was rejected to initiate criminal proceedings against the lawyer Nikolai Polozov in the absence of offence itself in the lawyer’s  actions.

Photo: Internet