In the occupied Feodosia, vandals continue to fell trees, listed in the Red Book. This time, local bureaucrats get down to the Red Pines.

Activist Alexander Talipov informed about illegal actions by the city "administration" on his Facebook page.

According to him, the felling is carried out on the Aivazovsky Avenue in the city center. The damage from cutting of one such pine reaches RUB 75 thousand.

“They have already cut down five Red Book Crimean pines, barbarously sawed down to the root, without any documentation,” he wrote, as cited by Primechaniya information analytical publication. “I called the police; workers promptly left the scene in 5 minutes after the call, the police arrived in an hour and a half. I wrote a crime incident report and explanation. There are a dozen luxurious pines in the collector zone. It should be noted that a Crimean pine is listed in the Red Book, and is protected by federal law.

The workers reported that the cutting is carried out with the approval of "the city administration." District police officer neither opened a criminal case nor looked into the Red Book. Law enforcement officers have found no evidence of foul in the actions of the officials.

“According to the policeman, the elements of crime are absent as well as the offence itself,” said the social activist. “He argues that there is no owner of the pines, and the intention is not set. Utterly fantastic.”

Earlier, the healthy trees were destroyed in Simferopol in connection with the reconstruction of the city center.

PHOTO: Primechaniya