KYIV (UKRINFORM) - In case of a referendum on membership of the European Union or the Customs Union its results could lead to a breakup of Ukraine, Iryna Bekeshkina, director of the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation (DIF), told reporters in Kyiv on Monday, citing data obtanied from a recent survey, according to UKRAINFORM.
 "Whatever the format of a referendum is - for the EU or for the CU, or if holding one of them, it, firstly, would be manipulation, because the second, also, will be won, and secondly - it breaks up Ukraine into two parts," Bekeshkina said.
 “In support of her words she cited details of a survey conducted by the DIF and KIIS (Kyiv International Institute of Sociology) from 5 to 13 March 2013. Based on its results, if a referendum on Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union is held next Sunday, the majority of those who have already decided, would vote "in favor" - 57.5%, and "against" - 42.5%. However, when social scientists then asked a similar question, but regarding Ukraine's accession to the EU, 59% would vote "in favor" and 41% - "against". If the question was raised alternatively, 52% people would vote for joining the EU, and 48% - for the CU. "That is, it is clear that Ukraine is divided on this question in two parts," the expert emphasized.
According to her, in addition to the fact that the results of such a survey divide Ukraine into two parts - West-Center and South-East - they also divide generations. "In the alternative formulation of the problem, people aged 18-40 years vote for the European Union, and after 60 - support the Customs Union. That is, if we vote for the Customs Union now, so it would be the choice of the older generation, and not the young, which should largely shape the future, but, unfortunately, less actively go to polls and referendums," the sociologist concluded.