Russian activists within the framework of the "Strategy 30" campaign held an action in Moscow in support of Ukrainian political prisoners kept in prisons of the Russian Federation and annexed Crimea on September 30, according to the information user Olgizza Vishnevetskaya shared on Facebook.

The activists took to the streets with placards "Freedom to unbowed Sentsov and Balukh", "Down with Articles 280, 282, 205 ", "Where are Ervin Ibragimov and at least 16 more abducted in Crimea by FSB ", "Putin and Assad are mass murderers".


It is worth noting that within the framework of the "Strategy-30" action, Russian opposition activists hold the "Day of Political Prisoner" on the 30th day of each month. They go to peaceful actions, demanding to release political prisoners and stop Russian aggression against Ukraine.
Earlier, on August 30, activists in Moscow went to protest in support of Ukrainian political prisoners. They brought with them placards with the names of political prisoners and the names of trumped-up cases against them.