In the capital of the occupied Crimea, local residents massively forge identity cards in order to enjoy benefits in transport. The so-called Head of the "administration of transport and communications of the administration of Simferopol" Anastasia Lavrynova told about the scheme which allows Crimeans to save money.

According to her, people who most often save money in this way are of pension age.

“It was just yesterday that we came across carriers who provided me with fake preferential IDs. When the driver asks for an ID, people present them, the driver looks and asks why they are printed on the copier. People throw these IDs and say they will print other ones," the official said.

The main force supporting the puppet authorities in the Crimea during the occupation were pensioners. The Russian authorities promised them to raise pensions. To show the "improvement" of the situation with the social sphere, the invaders introduced preferential travel in Simferopol for more than 30 categories of citizens. It should be noted that without travel privileges, charge in occupied Simferopol is not that expensive - only 13 rubles (about 6 UAH).

Earlier QHA reported that the sum of occupiers’ debt on salaries in Crimea became known

Source: Kriminform