According to the self-proclaimed Alchevsk authorities, city utilities are severely affected by the reluctance of residents to pay utility bills, the Alchevsk ‘City Council’ occupation site reported.

- Today, we voice an open appeal of all the public utilities to the city residents. The citizens of Alchevsk accumulated a 151.3 million-rubles debt to our company, - reads the statement.

Public utilities have noted that medical sphere employees have generated a debt for more than RUB 3 million and the education employees - for more than RUB 4 million. According to them, the service can no longer maintain the utilities, which are 137 kilometers of heating systems and 35 boilers, due to lack of money.

Moreover, the occupation authorities have indicated that in addition to accumulation of a new debt, Alchevsk residents are not going to pay off the old ones. If this situation is not resolved, utilities may stop operating.

 Photo: Internet