After the annexation of Crimea, Russia began to use the seized Ukrainian documentation for the development of unique Zubr landing crafts, experts stated at a press conference in Kyiv, according to a QHA correspondent.

“All the documentation on the production of unique weapons, in particular, hovercrafts has been captured. And today, Russia produces these vessels, they have a large number of contracts and they buy them, but not yet sell for export. No company has built similar vessels in Russia,” said Taras Berezovets, political scientist and founder of the Free Crimea project.

In turn, economist Taras Zagorodny noted that if the Russian Federation starts to import these vessels, Ukraine will need to file lawsuits that would prohibit their sale, as they are built using Ukrainian documentation.

“Concerning Zubr, Ukraine could theoretically file lawsuits, and must do it, because someone might want to buy them. If it is officially recognized that the export of this product is prohibited, then all partners around the world will be warned that this particular product, developed using Ukrainian technologies, is prohibited from buying. The normal countries will not do it,” said Zagorodny.

It was reported earlier that the number of small enterprises in Crimea decreased 15 times after the annexation. So, a total of 15 thousand small enterprises operated in Crimea as of the time of the occupation in 2014. According to the official statistics of the Russian occupation authorities, 1,016 enterprises remained on the peninsula as of January 2016.