The Russian Defense Ministry indicated interest in bringing the inhabitants of the occupied Crimea to the service in the Russian army, according to the Ministry’s website.

“The final event in the current year ‘Contract Service in the Armed Forces is Your Choice’ with the participation of the crews and aerobatic display teams of the Air Space Forces (ASF) of Russia will be held in Kerch. The event will take place on the city promenade on November 19,” reads the statement.

It is noted that Su-27 jet fighters, Su-24M tactical bombers, Su-25 strike fighters, as well as aviation group "Strizhi" ("Swifts"), consisting of four crews demonstrating acrobatic maneuvers in solo and duet flying, will participate in the event. 

Representatives of the national parachuting team of the ASF of Russia will open the air show. They will perform landing from Mi-8 helicopter with flags of Russia, the Ministry of Defense, aerospace and other forces.

Moreover, weapons and military equipment of the Air Force and Air Defence Forces, as well as units of the Southern Military District of the Army will also be presented there.

In addition, mobile units and agitation points will be deployed at the show to select citizens and conduct testing for military service under the contract. 

Photo: Internet