The Russian Federation continues to conduct outreach activities in the occupied Crimea. Thus, the peninsula began to import sweets called "Crimea - Come on take away!" One of such miracle sweets was shown to a QHA reporter by an expert on information security for Information Resistance group, Vyacheslav Gusarov, who had received it from his friends in Crimea.

Gusarov said that those sweets are distributed for free on the peninsula. According to Crimeans, the propaganda sweets are being delivered from the Krasnodar region. However, it is impossible to indentify their place of origin and composition, since the sweet bear no information, except the picture and name.

“The most interesting thing is that it's not even a commodity, because information on place of origin and composition, which are generally indicated on any product, are not available,” Gusarov said.

The wrap of the sweets is decorated in the colors of the Russian flag. There is also an image of Superman, and St. George's ribbons along the edges.