Russian law enforcement agencies have decided to strengthen the protection of the energy bridge being built to the Russia-occupied peninsular, for fears of terrorist attacks, Sergei Aksenov, the self-proclaimed head of Crimea, said in his interview with Russian News Service radio station. 

“The Antiterrorist Commission defined the list of objects subject to heavy guard long ago. The energy bridge is also entered into this list, taking into consideration the public appeals of our former compatriots, now living in Ukraine, in mass media. Therefore, all anti-terrorist measures in this area have been increases,” Sergei Aksenov stated.

According to him, there are special patrols in the most settlements of Crimea that monitor the situation and ‘ensure the security of citizens.’ Aksenov also said that Crimeans have already become accustomed to the power outage schedule.

“Now residents of the most areas clearly understand on what schedule to live, when electricity supply is delivered, when it is possible to charge mobile phones and cook,” Aksenov said.

What is declared by the authorities as ‘normalization of situation on the peninsula’ in not always resonate with the residents of the peninsula. The information about the growing social discontent of Crimea residents is spreading in the social networks and media, as a continuous supply of electricity in the 21st century should be a natural phenomenon, not a holiday that comes once a day.