Despite the strong position of the OSCE member states to support the expansion of the observation mission's presence on the Ukrainian-Russian border, Moscow continues to block this initiative, US Charge d'Affaires to the OSCE Kate Byrnes said to the Permanent Council in Vienna.

“We once again must accept an inadequate limited-scope mission covering just two border checkpoints, which account for just a few hundred meters of the border with a total length 2,300 km, most of which is uncontrolled by Ukraine,” she said.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the Russian Federation, the OSCE observers cannot ascertain the facts of participation or promoting the transfer of weapons, the flow of funding and personnel to support the Donbas terrorists.

“There is a close relationship between the controls over of the ceasefire and monitoring of the border; and all efforts to resolve the conflict is detrimental to the fact that the OSCE approach to these activities is limited by one of the participating countries. Repeated failure of the Russian Federation to agree to the extension of the mission scope once again shows that it refuses to comply with its obligations under Minsk agreement,” Kate Byrnes said.

US statement will be considered by the OSCE Permanent Council for taking further actions.