October 21, it became known that Russia refused to hand over to Ukraine a political prisoner Oleg Sentsov, since he has Russian citizenship, though in March this year the report of the Russian Ombudsman stated that the legal uncertainty regarding the nationality of Sentsov and Kol'chenko was eliminated and they were recognized as citizens of Ukraine.

Moreover, the Ministry of Justice refused to hand over the Ukrainian citizents Alexander Kolchenko to Ukraine, according to the Deputy Minister of Justice Serhiy Petukhov.

“Russia again refuses to release Kolchenko. It’s a sad day,” Petukhov wrote on Facebook.

A letter from the Russian Ministry of Justice states that Kolchenko received Russian citizenship, and therefore may not be transferred to Ukraine under the Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons of 1983: "The Russian Federation and Ukraine do not have an international treaty governing the issues of dual citizenship, as well as due to the fact that Kol'chenko is a Russian citizen, the transfer of the convicted person  in accordance with the Convention  on the transfer of sentenced persons of 1983 to Ukraine is impossible. "

In May 2014, four local pro-Ukrainian activists Gennady Afanasiev, Alexei Chirnyi, Alexander Kolchenko and a filmmaker Oleg Sentsov were arrested in the occupied Simferopol. In August 2015, the Russian court found them guilty of plotting terrorist attacks in Crimea and arson of the two parties in Simferopol.

Afanasiev and Chirnyi agreed to cooperate with the investigation and received seven years in prison. Sentsov was sentenced to 20 years and Kolchenko to 10 years in prison.

Photo: Internet