The Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) of the Russian Federation will begin to forcibly feed the Ukrainian film-maker Oleg Sentsov, if the hunger strike threatens his life, Executive Secretary of the Public Monitoring Commission of Moscow Ivan Melnikov informed.

According to him, the Federal Penitentiary Service has its own regulations, under which the prison administration will act.

“100 days of hunger strike - it's very difficult, he [Sentsov], of course, must take the nutrient mixture, otherwise he would have already died. The Federal Penitentiary Service has its own regulations, and if his life is threatened, he will be forcibly fed," Melnikov said.

He described Sentsov's hunger strike as an ineffective way of asserting his rights.

“I do not think that a hunger strike is an effective way to assert one's rights, it only harms health. But we need to understand that in this case Sentsov keeps to the principle," said the Executive Secretary of the Public Monitoring Commission.

QHA reported that on August 21, was the 100th day of the hunger strike of the Kremlin prisoner Oleg Sentsov. In Kyiv, the action Solidarity with Oleg Sentsov was held. Participants of the action once again called on the Russian authorities to stop the persecution of Ukrainian citizens in the Crimea and Russia, and also read out their letters to Oleg Sentsov.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demanded that the Russian Federation immediately release the Ukrainian film-maker and called on the world in this regard to increase pressure on the Russian Federation.

Earlier, four UN Special Rapporteurs urged the Russian Federation to "immediately and unconditionally" release Ukrainian film-maker, Kremlin prisoner Oleg Sentsov. The statement of UN representatives says that Sentsov's life is "in imminent danger."

Source: Interfax