The Court of the Russian Federation repeatedly refused Siemens company the arrest of its production turbines, delivered to the occupied Crimea bypassing the sanctions, according to the Russian media.
“Capital arbitration has for the second time refused to impose interim measures on Siemens suit against Rostekh and its subsidiaries,” the statement said.
It follows from the court's conclusion that the "security measures required by Siemens are not commensurate with the possible consequences of the violation of the rights of the plaintiff".

Previously QHA reported that Siemens accuses Russian technology company Rosteh of illegal transportation of four turbines, supplied for the construction of power plants in Taman to the Crimea. According to the sanctions, the German company prohibited the installation of its units in the Crimea. Siemens filed a lawsuit in court. In response to the illegal transportation of the turbines, the EU imposed additional sanctions against three Russian companies and three natural persons.

Later, the Moscow Arbitration Court refused to arrest four gas turbine units that had been delivered to the Crimea at the suit of the German concern Siemens.

PHOTO: Internet