November 4, Mark Feigin initiated a picket outside the FSB building in Lubyanka, Moscow, his friends wrote on his Facebook page. The poster in the hands of the human rights activist says the requirement to release a Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko.

Russian law enforcement agencies have responded to the picket. Mark Feigin had his documents checked. The picket does not stop.

As QHA reported earlier, the correspondent of news agency "Ukrinform" in France Roman Sushchenko was unlawfully arrested on September 30 in Moscow, where he arrived on personal business. The journalist's wife learned about his detention only on October 2, when the Russian media wrote that the Roman Sushchenko was held in Moscow "Lefortovo" prison on charges of espionage. The FSB claimed that Sushchenko is a member of the Main Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry intelligence.

Photo: Facebook page Mark Feygin