The lawyer Dagir Khasavov well-known in Russia spoke in defense of the well-known Crimean Tatar philanthropist and businessman, illegally detained by the Russian authorities in the Crimea, Resul Velilyaev, who is currently in Lefortovo prison (Moscow).

The lawyer made a corresponding statement on his Facebook page.

According to Khasavov, he intends to defend the interests of the Crimean Tatar in court, for which he asked Russian law enforcers to give him the opportunity to meet with Velilyaev.

“After signing the agreement for the defense of Resul Velilyaev on July 2, the next morning I called Dmitry Bokunovich, the senior investigator of the Main Investigation Department of Russia, and informed him about it, and also asked to schedule a meeting to give him a notice of joining the case, a warrant, a copy of the attorney's certificate, that is everything required to ensure this procedure,” said the lawyer.

However, according to Dagir Khasavov, the investigator began to take actions indicating the unwillingness to accept documents.

“What is the investigation afraid of, if everything is allegedly legal in the matter of his detention and arrest? Maybe, that the balance between the prosecution and the defense will change? Or, maybe they like everything the way it goes, in the accusatory bias, which is unacceptable for Resul Velilyaev's relatives who turned to me for defense?” The lawyer asks.

Earlier QHA reported that on April 26 in the occupied Crimea in Bilohirsk, security officials came with searches in the network of shops "Guzel" and the firm "KrymOpt." They also searched the houses of Velilyaev family members - Remzi, Resul, Ekrem, Zera and Rustem. Velilyaevs are businessmen known in the Crimea, patrons and founders of the Bekir Çoban-zade Charitable Foundation. The security officials also came to search the houses of Ali and Asan Bariev. 

After the searches, Resul Velilyaev was detained and taken out of the Crimea to the Moscow Lefortovo detention center.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called searches in Crimea as discrimination of the Crimean Tatars. The speaker of the ministry Mariana Betsa stated that official Kyiv will transfer the evidence of the crimes of the Russian Federation to the international courts.

May 11, it became known that the well-known Crimean Tatar patron is kept in solitary confinement in Lefortovo, Moscow.