Russian lawyers, including those who work in the occupied Crimea, appeal to the Federal Chamber of Lawyers of the Russian Federation with a request to take a set of measures on protection lawyer Emil Kurbedinov and prevent the purely political persecution. Lawyers explain it with the fact that "the judicial system in the Crimea is relegated to the status of a formal institution, Crimean courts do not fulfill the basic rules of law, ignore the decisions and explanations of the higher courts of the Russian Federation."

An open letter was supported by more than three dozen lawyers from various bar chambers.

“Since 2014 the Russian authorities in the Crimea have consistently stifled fundamental human rights and freedoms. Freedom of assembly, conscience and expression on the peninsula is actually destroyed; Criminal, administrative arrests and fines are generously awarded to people of various opinions and fields of activity - journalists, anarchists, Muslims, only for expressing their opinions, for a hanged car flag, for criticizing the government, for attempting to hold a peaceful rally or meeting.”

Lawyers stressed that since 2014 Article 20.3 of the RF Administrative Code (public demonstration of Nazi symbols or attributes of extremist organizations), under which Kurbedinov was arrested, has been massively used by the Russian authorities for political purposes.

Kurbedinov’s colleagues have no doubt that the simultaneous arrest of the lawyer for the video posted in social networks and searches at his office and apartment were planned and politically motivated, aiming to intimidate, search for compromising materials and to prevent the lawyer from performing his professional duties.

January 31, at 14:00 at the Independence Square in Kyiv a rally will be held in support of the release of the Crimean lawyer Emil Kurbedinov, held in custody by the self-proclaimed authority of the Crimea for alleged distribution of extremist materials.

Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov was arrested in the morning of January 26 and charged with an offense under Article 20.3 of the RF Administrative Code (Propaganda or public demonstration of Nazi paraphernalia or symbols, or paraphernalia or symbols of extremist organizations, or other paraphernalia or symbols, propaganda or public demonstration of which is prohibited by federal law) for the publication of in the social network of 2013. Kurbedinov pleaded guilty in part, noting that he posted the publication, but was not engaged in propaganda he is charged with. The court found him guilty and arrested for 10 days.

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