According to Latvian medias, the tank is located on a land plot owned by a Russian citizen.

The journalists could neither take pictures of the tank nor capture it on video because the owner was not at home and the property caretaker refused to remove the tarpaulin it was covered with. However, the man did not deny the fact that there was a tank underneath the tarpaulin.

Local residents have on many occasions voiced their concern over the tank being next to their houses and even reported the situation to the police but things remained the way they are.

“Yes, there is a tank. But to the best of my knowledge, his owner doesn’t drive it. The tank cannot fire live ammunition because it has a pipe installed in place of a cannon. I cannot say who exactly the tank belongs to,” said Chief of the Ayzputsky region Police Department.

According to the Latvian law, individuals can own armored vehicles like this one without even having to get them registered. The only requirement the owners of such vehicles have to comply with is that their cannons must either be dismantled or filled with cement.