The monitoring group of the Russian Public Chamber of Crimea took the initiative to create a "list of friends of Crimea".

According to head group Grigory Ioffe, the list will include journalists and the media, which supported the illegal annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula.

“By tracking publications in mass media, we will be able to form a corresponding informal list of "friends of Crimea" from among journalists, Internet and printed media. The list will include media outlets and journalists who have supported the reunion of the Crimea with Russia,” he said.

Earlier, the so-called "Public Chamber of Crimea" began compiling a list of Ukrainian and Russian politicians, performers and other public people who did not recognize the annexation of the Crimea in 2014. Crimean Dossier is created for the inhabitants of the peninsula to show them allegedly "wrong beliefs."

Previously, within the "IV Yalta International Economic Forum" puppet authorities of the peninsula held a meeting of the international association "Friends of Crimea". The occupation administration presented "republican awards" to several foreign delegates for a significant contribution to the legalization of Russian occupation of Ukrainian territories on the international arena within the framework of the above-mentioned hybrid association "Friends of Crimea".