Employees of REN-TV, a federal Russian TV channel, were not allowed to enter the territory of the Republic of Turkey.

According to REN-TV, a journalist Valentin Trushnin and cameraman Mikhail Fomichev were detained at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport. A little later Fomichev was deported back to Russia:

“We arrived in Istanbul and went to passport control. I went ahead with Valentin Trushnin behind me. Then I handed over my passport to a passport control officer. She entered my data into the computer and began calling someone. I was told that I was persona non grata in Turkey. Valentine was allowed to pass forward, but two men in civilian clothes approached me and got me into some office, where I was told that I would be deported by the next plane,” said Fomichev.

After some time Trushnin sent a message to REN-TV saying that he was also detained and searched. Then the communication with him was lost. On July 19, the journalist was deported back to the Russian Federation as well.

It should be noted that last month, Dmitry Vinogradov, a correspondent of Russian propaganda news agency RIA Novosti, was denied entry to the territory of the Republic by Turkish authorities.

Photo: Internet