In Mariupol, the Security Service has uncovered illegal retransmission of 10 cable Russian TV Channels banned in Ukraine. The broadcasts were retransmitted by a local provider.

According to the SBU press center, the next channels were retransmitted in the city of Mariupol: Premiere, Cinema TV HD, May 13, IQ HD, Living Planet, HD Sport, Russian Extreme, Boxing TV, Auto 24 , Mult and Live!.

- Thanks to a conversation with the provider and an official warning by the SBU and the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting, the cable operator has ceased streaming these TV Channels, reads a statement by the SBU press center.

These measures against pro-Russian TV Channels have been taken on May 11 in Konstantinovka (Donetsk region, - Ed.). The Security Service has blocked the retransmission of 5 banned Russian TV Channels: Russian Illusion, TNT, Cinema House, Amusement Park and Fighter.

Photo: Internet