Impending ecological catastrophe is reported from Koktebel in the occupied Crimea.

A corresponding statement was made by Andrei Yeletski, a member of the "Public Council at the Committee for Combating Corruption" of the annexed Crimea, RIA reports.

According to him, the activists inspected local beaches, and the results were quite shocking: any lifeguards are absent and the sea is stinking with sewage. According to Yeletski, on one of the beaches, the tenants failed to provide records on the results of sea water samples tests, which they should regularly take.

"They do not even know what that is," - Yeletski said. But, everything is clear without any testing: the sea smells of drains, which are discharged into it every day, and faeces are visible to the naked eye.

“The new sewage treatment plants are 90% completed, but they could have been working for two years already, and there would be no problems of direct release. But since the administration has the legal disputes with the investor, the treatment facilities have not yet been launched. The public has repeatedly said that if they are not launched, then Koktebel needs to be closed, since it is an environmental threat, but this has not happened. People should not swim there, they might get poisoned.”

It should be noted that the sewage system of the Crimea is built on the principle of deep-sea release after the treatment of wastewater. However, 36% of waste water samples after cleaning do not meet the standards.

This year, residents of the Heroivsk settlement near Kerch have already encountered feces in the sea. Last year, residents and guests of Kerch, Sudak, Alupka, Gaspra, Koktebel, Feodosia and other cities and towns complained about sewage effluent which is discharged straight into the sea harbor.

In early May, QHA reported that the municipal services of Bolshaya Alushta in the occupied Crimea discharged all impurities into the sea, and the pro-Russian authorities could not provide the necessary waste disposal.

PHOTO: Internet