The Crimean Tatar Asene Misiratova, whose house in the occupied Crimea was searched by the security forces this morning, was summoned for questioning to the FSB, QHA's source reported.

“She was taken to the FSB. Her two sisters must go to the FSB and ask about her. In the FSB, she will be questioned about her son," the source informed.

Misiratova's son is suspected of explosions of the gas pipeline, which occurred in the Crimea on October 31.

QHA reported that lawyer Edem Semedlyaev on his Facebook page reported on new searches in Crimean Tatars' homes in Simferopol, in Darvin Street and Hayri Emir-Zade Street, 33.
Neighbors and relatives were not allowed to the search under the pretext of investigative actions.

Previously, in the evening on October 31, near Alushta in the Crimea, a gas pipeline was damaged (some media report the damage of the two), due to which about a thousand people were left without gas supply.

Moreover, there was information on the burst of another gas pipeline near the village of Zaprudne in the Partenit area, which left almost 8,000 people without gas supply.