No regulation on sanitary cleaning of Sevastopol is executed, said the so-called "Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol" Ilya Zhuravlev. He said that the occupation authorities had developed schemes and regulations to ensure proper sanitary provisions of the city, but after the holiday season, when the Russian tourists left the town, the cleanings stopped. It is argued that according to agreements with local community services, only 50% of garbage is collected for reasons of economy.

Moreover, the city's entities, do not serve the sanitary condition of their facilities, and the residents have to throw garbage into bins at some institutions because the containers near the apartment buildings are heaped. The "Deputy" said that neither public utilities fulfill their duties, nor occupying authorities, who should control garbage collection.

According to the Crimean "authorities" the problem with litter disrupted the holiday season on the peninsula in 2016. But, as we see, the situation has not improved even after the holiday season.

Photo: Internet