In the occupied Crimea, Crimean Tatar poetess Alie Kendzhe-Ali was summoned for a conversation in connection with the verses she published.

According to her, the leadership of the so-called "Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation" in the city of Simferopol", considered that Kendzhe-Ali expressed disrespect for memorable dates and days of Russian military glory in her poems.

Preliminary inquiries against Kendzhe-Ali continues, but the poet herself hopes that it will not reach the court, because she does not see "neither appeals, nor insults, nor disrespect for anyone or anything" in her works.

“In total, I was summoned twice on June 28 and July 2. They asked me what I meant to say with my verses, they asked questions specifically on the lines. They were interested in why I did not respect the memorable dates and days of military glory, to which I said that they do not understand my creativity and this opinion is mistaken.”

The security officials informed the poetess that she "should no longer write".

"If the criminal case is opened, I will invite investigators to re-read the classics of Russian literature, who expressed thoughts similar to mine about the tragedy of the war at any time anywhere in the world."

Earlier, on August 9, 2018, Russian invaders summoned Crimean Tatars Nadzhie Adzhi-Mamutova and Selime Aliyeva for interrogation. According to human rights activists, they were summoned for interrogation in the so-called "investigative department of Alushta city of the Republic of Crimea" in the case of Gulsum Aliyeva.

Source: Crimea SOS