Ukrainian prisoner of the Kremlin, film director Oleg Sentsov received the "Carpathian Europe of Common Values" award, Olga Reshetilova, coordinator of the media initiative for human rights, informed on March 14.

The prize was awarded in the framework of the "Europe-Ukraine" forum, which is taking place these days in Poland.

"This award is a signal for Oleg Sentsov from the whole world, his fight with the Putin regime is still relevant," said Igor Kotelyanets, Chairman of the Union of Prisoners of the Kremlin.

Olga Reshetilova expressed her hope that "very soon Igor Kotelyanets will give the award to Oleg personally, at home."

The winner was also the Polish director Jerzy Hoffmann.

Earlier, messages emerged that Sentsov was absent from penal colony No. 8 in the city of Labytnangi in the Urals, RF, where he had been detained earlier.

Reference:  in August 2015, a court in the Russian Federation found Oleg Sentsov and Oleksandr Kolchenko guilty of allegedly creating a "terrorist organization" in the Crimea, committing two terrorist acts and plotting another one, and also in an attempt to acquire explosive devices and illegal storage of weapons.

Sentsov was sentenced to 20 years, Kolchenko - to 10 years imprisonment.