The administration of the Bely Medved (Polar Bear) colony in the city of Labytnangi (Russia) was unable to persuade a political prisoner, a Ukrainian filmmaker, Oleg Sentsov, to cooperate.

Lawyer of the political prisoner, Dmitry Dinze, made a corresponding statement on air of the Hayat Radio.

According to him, Sentsov despises prison staff, does not accept any "lock-down themes" and keeps himself apart.

Dinze notes that in the colony Sentsov often becomes an object of attempted manipulation.

“The FSIN is trying to do some nasty things. For example, they were the first to give information that Oleg had ended a hunger strike. The colony could not find any “keys” in order to manipulate him.”

The lawyer reminded that forced feeding is prohibited all over the world, and the European Court of Human Rights appealed to the Russian authorities so that Sentsov would not be fed by force.

“The European Court indicated that it would be regarded as torture.”

Earlier, Oleg Sentsov said that he was forced to stop the hunger strike, because he was threatened with forced feeding.

The Ombudsman of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District of Russia stated that he had not received information from Sentsov about the end of the hunger strike.

Sentsov started a hunger strike on May 14 this year, demanding the release of all Ukrainians-prisoners of the Kremlin, illegally convicted in the Russian Federation and in the annexed Crimea. Over 145 days he lost 20 kg of weight and undermined his health - pathological changes in the internal organs began to develop.

A statement by the European Union in connection with the end of Oleg Sentsov’s hunger strike said that Russia did not provide the Ukrainian political student with proper medical treatment during the hunger strike, thereby violating his rights. The EU considers the case against Oleg Sentsov "a violation of international law and elementary standards of justice."