Residents of the occupied Sevastopol, who did not receive the breastplates "With Russia Forever" on the day of the illegal presidential election in the annexed Crimea, are offered to buy them.

An advertisement appeared on the network about the sale of so-called medals, which Sevastopol residents were promised for coming at the "elections".

The price of one "medal" is 1.5 thousand rubles.

One of the sellers on the Internet wrote that the medal that was to be handed for "presidential election" is not nominal, since the "name" and "surname" lines are not filled.

Reportedly, citizens of the occupied Sevastopol were to be awarded with medals "With Russia forever" for voting at the illegal presidential elections in Russia, but the “authorities” did not manage to deliver a batch of promised medals. According to the former Chairman of the "City Election Commission" Valeria Medvedeva, a car delivering memorable signs to Sevastopol was delayed on the Kerch crossing.

The idea to issue medals belongs to Ivan Yermakov, whom the pro-Kremlin media in the Crimea called "the patriot of Sevastopol."

Source: Novyi Den