Representatives of the "Public Chamber of Sevastopol" (OPS) recommended the illegitimate " Legislative Assembly of the Crimea" to adopt "the bill" on the election of the governor in the Russia-occupied city, taking into account the proposals of local residents voiced during the public hearing on  January 17,the OPS Chairman Eugeniy Halaychev informed the local media.

“Public discussion on the draft law on the election of the governor of Sevastopol declared held. According to the results, it was decided to support the bill and to recommend its adoption to the Legislative Assembly, taking into account the proposals submitted in the course of the discussion, consistent with the legislation and sent to the governmental authorities,” the "Chairman" of the organization said.

According to this document, servicemen of the Russian Federation will not be admitted to the appointment in the Administration of Sevastopol and public figures from local residents who have resided in the city for at least 5 years, that is, those who lived in Sevastopol before the Russian occupation of the peninsula would run for Administration posts.

Earlier QHA reported that a self-proclaimed "Premier" of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov has called into question the quality of Russian food imported into the occupied peninsula. According to him, in terms of naturalness, local Crimean product is better in quality than similar goods imported from Russia. During a meeting with the "Minister" of agriculture of Crimea Andrew Ryumshin he said that he intends to carry out some testing of products from the Russian Federation collecting the samples right at the Kerch ferry.

Photo: Internet