Sevastopol residents complain about the garbage and dirt in residential areas, and publish photos of dumps in social networks. Citizens inform that the city administration does not react to what is happening, and the companies responsible for garbage collection, do not hurry to solve the problem.

“On the street Zhidilova the garbage is lying all around the pavement, and all this ‘beauty’ is around the shop as well. There is only one container, and no one takes the garbage out,” says one of social networks users.

“Hrustalev alley is covered with garbage. The yard is strewn with trash and the playground with a bunch of bottles,” the other added.

Some citizens suggest the rest to deal with trash wave on their own and even suggest "Everyone taking a pouch and put outside the administration office with a note "Greetings from Zhidilova Street".

As QHA reported earlier, the "Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Sevastopol" Ilya Zhuravlev said that no normative act concerning the sanitary cleaning of the city is implemented.

Photo: Internet