Sergey Voronkov was appointed the new President of the so-called Boxing Federation of Crimea. In the past he was the leader of a well-known in the 1990s organized criminal group Saylem.

“The news of the new president of the Crimean Boxing Federation Sergey Voronkov alarmed many Crimean residents who remember the 90s, when his only name was terrifying. Crimeans are wondering, why a man with such a reputation is back in favor in Crimea? And what to expect now on? Doesn’t Crimea have enough people with normal positive biography, who could lead the field of boxing in the Republic? Many young children are doing boxing, and now they will look up to the exciting biography of their Crimean leader. Perhaps that is what "a winning team" needs, but not the Crimean society,” a political scientist Lenur Usmanov commented on this appointment.

Biography of the current "Prime minister" of Crimea Sergei Aksenov is bind with the "Saylem" group as well.

According to the former Chief of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Crimea and former Deputy Interior Minister Gennady Moskal, Voronkov ("Voronok") is known to him as one of the leaders of an organized criminal group "Saylem", which operated in Crimea in the 90s. In 1998 Voronkov was sentenced to two years in prison for possession of weapons. At the end of the sentence, a new criminal case against him was filed under the article "extortion" (Art. 144 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), as well as against Andrew Baymatov, Vadim Gulkevich and Yuri Negru. According to investigators, the accused demanded money from the head of the farm "Elite", located in Simferopol region. In 2001, a Ukrainian court sentenced Voronkov to seven years in prison.

Photo: Internet