“At the end of the summer, to be exact, on the night of 26 on August 27, a hole appeared at the western base of the tower, some part of masonry had just crumbled. The local EMERCOM unit cordoned the scene off, to avoid casualties in the event of re-collapse,”
 "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" newspaper wrote last month.

The publication stated that apart from the pitiless time the medieval symbol of Feodosia is destructed by protracted disputes between the city authorities and the Simferopol. The officials cannot decide who will pay for repair of the architectural structures and works to strengthen the tower from further decaying prospects.

Local monuments protection activist Alexander Talipov told the reporters that recently, in October, the local police refused to open a criminal investigation into the destruction of the architectural monument Tower of Constantine, which has remained in a precarious state since August 27 this year.

He also recalled that earlier the State Committee for Protection of Cultural Heritage pointed to the poor state of the object, since the city administration, as the object owner, is obliged to bear the cost of its maintenance and support its appropriate technical, sanitary and fire conditions. The State Committee and the Feodosiya administration signed an agreement, and in February, the so-called State Council ordered to put everything in order by March 15.
However, the city administration has ignored the demands and restoration work was not begun, so at the end of the summer there occurred an eboulement.

“The monument decays due to the negligence of the city authorities. Examination was not carried out, and the restoration project was not developed. The Constantine Tower is not put on the cadastral registration, not even a protection zone was established,” Alexander Talipov says.

It turned out that the issue occurred due to lack of agreement between Head of the Department for Culture, Tourism and Resorts Dmitry Goncharuk and the recently appointed "Head of Feodosia administration" Stanislav Krysin.

According to Alexander Talipov, Dmitry Goncharuk said that the previous Feodosia city structure that existed prior to the occupation of the peninsula owned the tower. But now the architectural monument is out of operational control of his "ministry". So in fact, according to Goncharuk, it turns out that the Ukrainian government is to blame for the emergency condition of the monument...

In late September, the so-called head of the Feodosiya City Council Svetlana Gevchuk reported that on behalf of Sergei Aksyonov, half a million rubles was allocated from the "republic’s" budget for emergency repair work at the Feodosia medieval Tower of Constantine.

(It would be interesting to see the contrast comparing how much the Kremlin servants of Putin spend on the construction of their own castles and towers in Moscow, and abroad, in spite of all the sanctions. And how many billions Russia spends on militarization, in particular in the program of renewal of the military planes, regularly entering the annexed peninsula.)

Reference. The Constantine tower was built in 1338 and rebuilt in 1443-m. It was built during the reign of the Genoese and was part of the defensive line of the Genoese fortress. The tower was named in honor of the Roman canonized emperor Constantine I the Great.

In 1971, the city of Feodosia celebrated the 2500th anniversary and put a capsule with an appeal to its residents of the XXI century in the south wall of the tower. The capsule is to be opened in 2017. It is easy to assume that the appeal of the 24th Communist Party Congress may contain the lines: "Well, we hope now you are living under communism, when the concepts of war, annexation, violence, theft, and corruption are totally forgotten..."

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