The occupation authorities have forbidden the boats to stay near the east side of Ayu-Dag mountain, although it was the only shelter from the east wind in the area from Yalta to Novyi Svet, Volshebny Partenit informs.

Yacht Captains are rather discontent with the new restrictions and say that the situation is getting worse in the occupied peninsula. They bitterly remembered, that in Ukraine, the closed water area between Cape Sarych and the Cape Of the Holy Trinity used to be about 2 miles.
After the annexation, the Russian border guards restricted the bypass first, at a distance of 3 miles from the shore, then at 5 miles, and currently at 7 miles.

Also there were precedents for closing the whole territory from the Cape Aya to Cape Ai-Todor just near Yalta.

At present, the Russian occupiers banned staying at one of the most beautiful places of the Crimea, the bay near Cape Fiolent. Besides, it is not allowed to approach within some miles distance.

There were some other temporary restrictions for standing in the Bay Laspi, the only shelter-bay between Yalta and Balaklava.

Due to the restriction, sailors will not be able to approach the shore on a segment from the Cape Sarych to Cape of the Holy Trinity, as well as to visit such beautiful places as Foros, Mellas, Castropol, and sometimes Simeiz, Alupka, Gaspra, etc..

“Our yachts in fact can not sail from Sevastopol to Yalta. The usual route from Balaklava to Yalta was about 33 nautical miles. For a small size cruise boat it is almost a day's limit of 6-8 hours. But if we obey to the requirements of the border guards and go around the closed area at a distance of 7 miles from the coast, the route increases by almost 15 miles. And this is just dry numbers. We must not forget that the Crimean coast protects yachts from the prevailing northeast winds and the corresponding wave. But as soon as the boat is in the sea, the bad weather can delay the transition from Balaclava to Yalta for almost a day in addition to unpredictable ending. Today, Sevastopol sailors are actually cut off from the rest of the coast of Yalta and Crimea. No yacht tourism will develop in Crimea with such practices!” Says Vadim Denisov, the manager of the "Black Sea charter company" which was the first in Crimea to officially lease charter Yachts.

Notably, the border guards constantly survey the yachts from the shore.

Photo: Internet