The actor, who repeatedly showed his sympathy for Russia and personally Russian President Putin, justifying the annexation of Crimea and calling it "a people's will" according to the Russia’s propaganda patterns, finally gained Russians’ reciprocity. November 3, Russian President issued a decree thereby granting citizenship of the Russian Federation to actor Steven Seagal. The last time they met at the 'Primorsky Aquarium' in the Russky Island, which was also attended by a Deputy Prime Minister of China Wang Yang, who suggested to Putin and Segal to fight in the ring. Putin then joked, "I wouldn’t."

Prior to that Seagal got the citizenship of Serbia that receives loans and investments from Russia. The actor was going to open a martial arts school there. 

It was reported earlier about political defectors from the US to Russia, including mixed martial arts fighter Jeff Monson, boxer Roy Jones and musician Fred Durst. As is known, the popularity of these people has long passed the peak, and their political decisions may well be interpreted as a search for a new audience for earning.