The public organization Crimean Solidarity made a demand to stop the persecution of activists and all dissidents in the Crimea. The corresponding appeal is published on the organization's Facebook page, today, July 19, after searches in the house of Muslim Aliyev, whose daughter, after the arrest of her father, became an activist.

Human rights activists called on the public in the Crimea and around the world to pay attention to the persecution on the annexed peninsula and demanded the consolidated position of all human rights organizations, the media, and political structures.

Crimean Solidarity also reported that the daughter of a prisoner of the Kremlin needs the support of all those not indifferent.

“This is not the first case of such aggressive pressure on the activists of our initiative: Nariman Memedeminov, Server Mustafayev, Marlen Asanov are already behind bars on falsified criminal cases. A few more of our colleagues paid fines or were arrested for a day on administrative matters in 2016-2017. We, the activists of the public association Crimean Solidarity, regard these actions as a purposeful, systematic pressure and persecution for our information work and active assistance to all those persecuted in the Crimea, regardless of nationality and religion,” the message says.

As QHA wrote, Gulsum Aliyeva was charged in connection with publications on the page of the Crimean Solidarity public organization on Facebook.

Crimean Tatar lawyer Edem Semedlyaev said that searches in Aliyev's house were conducted with the aim of putting pressure on Muslim Aliyev and Crimean Solidarity.

Earlier, on May 21, the invaders conducted a search and detained the civil activist of the Crimean Solidarity, Server Mustafayev. Soon the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated that Russian invaders were attempting to suppress the freedom of the Crimean Tatars and promised that Kyiv would appeal to international courts in connection with the detention of Mustafayev.