Two students who spoiled the billboards with the image of Russian President Vladimir Putin have been detained in Crimea, reported the Head of the so-called Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov as cited by Kryminform.

- These were Crimeans. There are still secret supporters of the Ukrainian state in educational institutions. The only thing I know about this case is that two people have been detained for spoiling the outdoor advertising, including the leader’s image. The measures have already been taken, said Aksenov.

This is not the first protest of the Crimean youth against the current occupying power. Earlier Kerch students had spoiled billboards with Putin for two months until detained by the FSB (Federal Security Forces). Law enforcement authorities believe these were paid-for actions:

- I am definitely interested who instructed them to do this work in the territory of the Republic. It is important to find an organizer. Young immature minds get under this influence. In any case, they will be punished for it, said Aksenov.