Crimean Tatar activists and residents of the occupied Sudak helped to pay off the court fines imposed on the Crimean Tatars convicted in the case of "Sudak four", according to the information provided on the Facebook page of an activist Lenora Dulber.

“Special thanks to the Crimean Tatar entrepreneurs, as well as residents of Sudak, for their assistance in raising funds to pay off our guys’ fines, the entire amount was collected, the guys did not face their problems alone,” Dubler said.

She also reported that during the court meeting, lawyer Alexander Popkov insisted that his clients did not violate the norms of the current legislation, in particular, he said that driving the car with a flag is neither a public event nor a meeting. However, the judge made a decision, according to which the four Sudak residents had still carried out a public event, and the court saw signs of picketing in their actions. However, the judge Tymoshenko did not agree with Sudak Court on the classification of the offense. So, Chavush and Seytumerov accused not of organization of the events, but of participation, which implies a different amount of the fine - from 20 to 10 thousand rubles.

Earlier QHA reported that Alim Muslyadinov, Ablyakim Ablyakimov, Enver Chavush and Seytmemet Seytumerov were found guilty by the  "court" of Crimea " of an administrative offense" - driving in a car convoy with the Crimean Tatar national flags.

Photo: Internet