Today, September 12, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation recognized the verdict of the Moscow City Court for 12 years of imprisonment for a Ukrainian journalist, Roman Sushchenko as legal.

The corresponding decision was announced by the judge of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. Thus, Sushchenko's defense appeal was rejected in full. The political prisoner said that he did not agree with the decision of the court and will continue the struggle for his release, including, filing a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights.

According to his lawyer Mark Feygin, the court session began at 11:00 am Kyiv time.

“September 12, at 10:00 [Moscow time – Ed.], the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation will consider my appeal against the verdict issued by the Moscow City Court in respect of the Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko, convicted under Article 276 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (espionage) to 12 years of imprisonment in a colony of strict regime.”

In turn, journalist Roman Tsymbaliuk published a photo of Sushchenko from the courtroom.

Commenting on the rejection of the appeal, Tsymbalyuk noted:

“Next is either exchange, or transferring into a colony of strict regime.”

Soon after that, Feygin emphasized that Sushchenko did not admit his guilt and disagreed with the decision but he is ready to ask for pardon.

“It does not matter what to write, the main thing is to get to Kyiv. Applying for pardon does not mean that one will confess the guilt. Roman's father died in February, and therefore he has reason to hope to stay with his mother, who is also very old.”

The defense of the Ukrainian political prisoner will further appeal the decision of the Russian court.

“We insisted on an acquittal sentence. Roman does not recognize the guilt. In his last word, he said that he considered the verdict of the court of first instance illegitimate, unfounded and insisted on an acquittal sentence. Another thing is that taking into account all the circumstances that were presented, we believed that it would be possible to reduce the sentence.”

Earlier today, September 12, the Ukrainian Embassy in France has called for increased pressure on Russia to release Roman Sushchenko and all those Ukrainian political prisoners who are illegally detained in the Russian Federation.

Earlier, Mark Feygin in comments to QHA said that Moscow would not agree to the collective exchange of Ukrainian political prisoners on the list. The lawyer stressed that Moscow is delaying the reaction to the incoming proposals for exchange.

Source: UNIAN