September 5, the armed security forces conducted a search in a mosque located in 7 Mokrousova Street in Simferopol, according to the information on the Facebook page of the Mufti of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Ukraine "Ummah" Said Ismagilov.

“Today around noon, the armed Russian SWAT broke into the premises of the mosque. All entrances were blocked. Throughout the day, the parishioners were not allowed to mosque for prayers,” the Mufti wrote.

This particular mosque has been searched for the third time. Each previous time the occupants planted the literature banned in Russia into a mosque.

“The Imam of the mosque, knowing that this can happen again at any moment, carefully checked every corner of the mosque several times a day. So this time a package with two books "Three bases" author Muhammad Abdel-Wahhab had been planted in the yard near the toilet! Near the toilet! They are obviously rather ignorant, if they do not know that the Muslims do not go to the toilet with the books, especially religious ones. Bringing religious literature to the care places (like toilet, bath, shower, etc.) is strictly prohibited, as well as keeping them close. Moreover, according to the Imams the book "Three bases" has never been kept on any mosque shelves or in the library even before the occupation of Crimea,” said the mufti.

The mosque in 7 Mokrousova Street is known for its popularity among the Crimean Tatar Muslims. The community has several thousand regular parishioners. This particular community is known for its charitable help to hundreds of orphans and needy families.

“As I said, this is the third search for the two years. The community was informed that a criminal case would be filed against it due the planted literature banned in Russia. The same thing happened in all the previous cases. Earlier books were planted in the premises of the mosque, and now thrown up into the yard,” Said Ismagilov said.

According to the Mufti, this is just another disgraceful and cynical violation of the rights and freedoms of believers in the occupied Crimea.

Photo: Internet