The meeting of the political prisoner Emir-Usein Kuku with his lawyer in a psychiatric clinic in Simferopol, where he allegedly "undergoes examination", was held in the presence of armed riot police officer, who explained his presence and the violation prisoner’s rights with the "order of the Russian National Guard", according to the detainee’s lawyer Alexander Popkov.

The lawyer informed that the armed man who accompanied the detainee refused to introduce himself and to explain the nature of the order.

The lawyer reported that Emir himself was in good spirits and that first in a long time medical assistance was finally provided on his knee.

According to the agency Amnesty International during the detention of the Crimean Tatar Emir-Usein Kuku, who is accused of involvement in the organization "Huzb ut-Tahrir", recognized terrorist by the Russian, he was at least twice visited by the FSB employee who tried to recruit him as an undercover informant.

Photo: Internet