March 5, the Kremlin-controlled Kyiv district court of Simferopol extended the term of detention in custody to three Crimean Tatar activists. Among them was Seyran Saliev, detained late last year in Bakhchysarai by the Russian security forces and accused of organizing an unauthorized rally on May 12, 2016. At the court meeting, Saliev delivered a speech, which was published on his page by the wife of the political prisoner Mumine Salieva.

QHA provides the text of the activist’s appeal.

I agree with what the lawyer said: They arrested me only for my position and for not staying away from other people's problems.

Concerning the fact that I might escape and evade the law, this is a lie against me. When I received a summons on the administrative case, I came to the police department as a law-abiding citizen. So now it's ridiculous to say that I can hide.

Concerning accusations of terrorism. I observe Islam from childhood. Praise to the Almighty, I know my religion, thanks to my grandmother, who said "go and learn Arabic," thanks to my grandfather, who always took me to the mosque, instilled love for it. I thank the Almighty for the fact that my grandparents, as you prefer to say now, "recruited" me in Islam.

So I know what Islam is. Terrorism and Islam are two different things.
Therefore, accusing us of terrorism is a blatant lie, for which the slanderers will respond, both here and before the Almighty. For the punishment from the Almighty is powerful. We know how all the prophets were accused of lying, and those who accused Moses, Muhammad, Jesus of lying, were at a loss, both in this life and in the next one. Therefore, I do not doubt this at all. And I call for justice.

Investigate as much as you want! You still will not find anything against us. Because we, the observing Muslims, we love our religion, we love our Lord, who created us and all of you. We love the prophet Muhammad, who always called for a fair attitude even to non-Muslims. According to one of His sayings: "He, who offends a non-Muslim, he will offend me." And I know that.

And all those who are conducting these cases against us, they raise injustice, iniquity against us.

They imprisoned me to keep me silent. But I will not remain silent! For this the Lord gave me the tongue to speak the truth. And lie, it is doomed to perish, so draw conclusions.

Earlier QHA reported that the occupiers are building an accusation against Crimean Tatar activists, the defendants of the so-called "Hizb ut-Tahrir case" not on facts, but on assumptions.