Three soldiers of the Russian Federation who fight against Ukraine siding with the Donbas militants, killed an elderly man in the occupied village of Zimogorye, the Directorate General of Intelligence of Ukraine reported on Facebook.

The militants reasoned the murder of the man with his "disrespectful behavior."

“In the village of Zimogorye, three servicemen of 4 separate motorized rifle brigade 2 AC AF RF inflicted bodily injuries incompatible with life on a man of advanced years who, according to the criminals, behaved without sufficient respect for the "liberators",” the Intelligence reports.

Earlier, in January, Ukrainian intelligence informed that Russian servicemen in the occupied territories of Donbas were banned from wearing military uniforms for fear that local residents could lynch them. Reportedly, the Russian occupiers are showing unreasonable aggression against the locals and randomly use weapons.

PHOTO: Internet